Chrysler 08MY Chrysler Sebring MPG, fuel consumption

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“Here we list the average or combined mpg (fuel consumption) for Chrysler 08MY Chrysler Sebring. Combined MPG is the median or average of urban & extra-urban (in the city and outside the city) MPGs. When you are figuring out the mpg fuel consumption, you should keep in mind that mpg will depend on the model number, year, fuel type, engine size, current mileage and how you drive the car as well. We also listed how many litres Chrysler 08MY Chrysler Sebring will consume per 100 kms and also UK and US MPGs (mile per gallon).

Chrysler 08MY Chrysler Sebring MPG UK & US & Litre/100 km

Description Fuel Transmission mpg (UK) mpg (USA) Litre / 100 km
Average - - 37.8 31.4 7.6
2.0td Diesel 6MT 45.6 37.8 6.2
2 Petrol M5 36.2 30.0 7.8
2.4 Petrol A4 31.7 26.3 8.9