Cars with 35 mpg and Up

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There are different reasons now why people are trying to save up on fuel. These four reasons include the following:

  • Reduces the need to import gas from other countries.
  • Reduces the amount of money that is needed for the fuel.
  • Reduces the effects of climate change.

The reasons above are enough for some people to search for cars that they know are fuel efficient. 35 is considered to be the average mpg for cars. Some people are still waiting for the 100mpg car but most people would just like to become very rational and find the right cars that are fuel efficient yet will give them what they are searching for. Would you like to find vehicles that have mpg ratings of 35 and up? Then read on:

  1. Honda Insight – A lot of people are not that familiar with this model probably because it is being overshadowed by other hybrid models made by other brands. The Honda Insight is also a hybrid model that does not disappoint with its 43 mpg rating when used in the highway. When used in the city, it is pretty good too with 40mpg rating.
  2. Toyota Prius – This car is chosen by a lot of people not only because of the way it look. This is one of the cars checked out because it is one of the cars with high mpg. It is considered to have great mpg ratings with 51 mpg when used in the city and 48 when used in the highway.
  3. Honda Civic Hybrid – Yet again another Hybrid car from Honda. This combines the sleek beauty of the Civic with a great engine that can be more cost efficient and fuel efficient. Its mpg rating when used in the city is 40 while it is 45 when used in the highway.

With these cars mentioned above, choosing can be much easier to do.