Economy or Luxury Sedans with Best Gas Mileage

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Some people would rather choose sedans over SUVs or sports cars because of the gas mileage that they may get. A lot of people are now concerned about the fuel economy of their vehicles. If in the past, this was not consider to be important, people who would like to save up on the cost of fuel would like to make the most out of the gallons of fuel that they place on their car. Sedans with best gas mileage are always searched by various people.

Choosing the right sedan may seem easy in the beginning especially if people already have an idea about the type of sedan that they would like to get but there are also some who tend to change their minds once they see the other selections that are available. For those who are having trouble searching for best fuel mileage cars, here are just some of the sedans to try:

  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – The fact that this is a hybrid car already makes it more fuel efficient than all the other regular diesel or petrol cars that are available. The Lincoln is considered to be an upscale car but its good gas mileage makes people consider it. It has an estimated mpg of about 41 in the city and 36 when used in the highway.
  • Honda Civic Hybrid – For people who are not concerned if the car that they are going to purchase is upscale or not and they would like to work within their budget, the Honda Civic Hybrid may be the best option. The great thing about this vehicle is that it is not that expensive. Its fuel economy is 40 when used in the city and 43 in the highway.
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid – This is one of the most popular sedan hybrid cars that can be purchased. It has a comfortable cabin that can make passengers comfortable while they are travelling. Its mpg ratings are good too with 41 mpg when used in the city and 36 when used in the highway.

Here are just some of the hybrid sedans to try out. Finding the right one will enable people to use their best economy car for a long time.

The main reason why you would want to opt for a sedan instead of an SUV is because of the fuel economy. SUVs tend to need more fuel than sedans and sedans can give an ample amount of space for people so that they can be comfortable inside the vehicle. Since more and more companies are creating sedans that have best car gas mileage, there are now some options that can make people happy.

If ever you would like to find the right sedan for you, here are just some of the models that you can check out:

  1. Ford Fusion Hybrid – The mpg of this sedan is 41mpg in the city and 36mpg when used on a highway. It is comfortable enough for people to have enough leg room inside the vehicle and the fuel economy is quite good too.
  2. Nissan Altima Hybrid – One of the main reasons why people choose this car over the Ford Fusion Hybrid is because of how it looks like. It looks more aggressive and it appeals to buyers who can be sure that it is not being offered in all states hence, lesser models of the cars can be seen in the highway. The mpg of this sedan is 33 in the city and 35 in the highway.
  3. Lexus HS Hybrid – For people who would prefer to have luxury sedans over the more common ones, this may be the perfect sedan to have. It has mpg rating of 35mpg in the city and 34 in the highway.
  4. Toyota Yaris – If you would truly like to save up on fuel, the Toyota Yaris may be the best one available. It is diesel powered which will be more efficient in the long run. This is perfect for people who like small vehicles.
  5. Volkswagen Jetta – For smaller sedans with that sporty feel, the Volkswagen Jetta may be the best option. It is also powered by a diesel engine and is considered as one of the cars with best mileage.

Here are just some of the options for sedans with best gas mileage. Which one will be your choice?